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Today, Telde conserves one of the richest archaeological and historical-artistic heritages of the archipelago, among which the foundational centers stand out, where the simplicity of the Mudéjar is harmoniously combined with all the other architectural styles (San Juan Foundational Zone, Historic-Artistic Complex of San Francisco and Los Llanos de San Gregorio or Jaraquemada).

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Access to the deposits

Los yacimientos del Baladero, Cendro, Cuatro Puertas, Tara, Tufia, Las Huesas y el llamado Llano de las Brujas, they are of very easy access and extraordinary archaeological importance; some are located in the outskirts of the current city, and others a few kilometers away. The deposits of Cendro, Tara y el Baladero They are made up of cave-room complexes, sometimes made artificially, and others taking advantage of caves of volcanic origin. Even today, many of them are still used as the home of the current Teldenses, given their unbeatable living conditions.

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Cuatro Puertas

The archaeological site of Cuatro Puertas is an essential visit for anyone interested in the history of the Canary Islands. The ancient Canarians chose this mountain to build a whole series of constructions: they carved the volcanic tuff, decorated its walls and sculpted, with their rudimentary tools, structures that have survived until today. We invite you to get to know this place by imagining how they lived; drawing the roofs, touching the warm vermilion stone, feeling the shelter of the caves, dodging passageways and cavities.

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