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Gastronomy in Telde


The extension of the municipality from the coast to the summit allows the cultivation of very diverse products, which give rise to a varied and rich gastronomy based on agriculture and seafood: Canarian sancocho, the "old" with wrinkled potatoes, pella de gofio, watercress stews, marinated pork, “ropa vieja”, fish broth, rabbit in salmorejo and exquisite cheeses from La Breña and Cazadores, among others.

The culture of wine is part of the history of Telde, visit a small and traditional winery to learn first-hand how wine is made. Take a walk through the vineyards and finish in the winery or surroundings tasting some different Telde wines, special places with views and surrounded by incredible landscapes. After this wine experience you will be able to taste the special flavors of our gastronomy, from the central coast and midlands.