Get to know an unparalleled heritage


The charm of Telde is unique in terms of history, cultural heritage and ancestral traditions. With more than 650 years since its foundation, the City of Telde treasures a historical and cultural past of the first order. Even before the conquest, it was the seat of one of the "guanartematos" or kingdoms into which it was divided.
the island. Telde today preserves one of the richest archaeological and historical-artistic heritages of the archipelago, among which the founding centers stand out, where the simplicity of Mudejar is harmoniously combined with all other architectural styles.

  • Zona Fundacional de San Juan
  • Conjunto Histórico Artístico de San Francisco
  • Los Llanos de San Gregorio o de Jaraquemada

In these sets there are obligatory visits such as those of the House Museum of León and Castle, Museum of Sacred Art, Hospital Church of San Pedro Mártir de Verona, Basilica of San Juan Bautista, Conventual Church of San Francisco and the Church of San Gregorio Taumaturgo, among other.


Conjunto Histórico-Artístico de San Francisco

Going up Calle Inés de Chemida and next to a rudimentary arcade that forms a beautiful aqueduct, we arrive at Santa María La Antigua or San Francisco, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Canary Islands, with small, whitewashed houses with gabled tile roofs. , doors and windows of green tea and other dwellings, cobbled streets full of charm, peace, simplicity and harmony, where it seems that time has stopped.

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Centro histórico de San Juan

Manor and elegance emerges from the old part of the neighborhood of San Juan de Telde. Of small dimensions, it must be taken into account that it is only part of the historic center of Telde, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1981 as a Historic-Artistic Complex of the neighborhoods of San Juan and San Francisco. The route through San Juan ends soon if one limits himself to walking the streets, but it is worth seeing the interior of the minor basilica of San Juan, the most important of the city's historical-artistic monuments and, for this, the best is to make the route in the morning.

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Rosiana: Cortijos entre volcanes

Rosiana: Cortijos entre Volcanes, is an ethnographic route prepared by FEDAC (Foundation for the Study and Development of Canarian Crafts).

In it, you will get to know different places of the municipality of great ethnographic interest, learning about the uses and customs of Telde. We recommend that, once you have completed this experience, you go to discover the Los Olivos Ecological Cultural Center, where you will be able to check the cultivation of olive trees and the process of their oil.